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Founded in 2016, Eagle Surveying is based in Denton, Texas and serves clients in North Texas and across the entire state. Our experienced surveyors and specialists use only the most up-to-date field equipment and in-office computer technology, assuring you of the most professional, accurate, reliable results, all in the timeliest manner possible.

Meet Our Team

Dan Rick, Owner/President
Dan started his career in land surveying in 2001 as an instrument man. He learned quickly how to operate the equipment and the fundamentals of land surveying. He worked his way up the ranks quickly and in 2006 became a General Manager. Dan has worked on all types of projects including residential developments, apartment complexes and large commercial properties. Being General Manager has allowed him to learn the ins and out of the business side of land surveying along with growing great relationships with clients and employees. In January of 2016, Dan decided to use his experience to run his own company. He started out with 5 employees and has grown Eagle Surveying to over 30 employees in 6 years. He is a very hands on owner who takes pride in his work and it shows in the company that he created and his great team of employees.

Mason Decker, General Manager
Mason began surveying out of high school, starting as a helper in the field. At the time, thinking it would only be a summer job, he found that he had a passion for Surveying and continued his work as a full-time surveyor and student. Mason’s hard work and dedication led him to become a Crew Chief. He eventually found himself working as a drafting technician in the office. With his experience in the field and office, he stepped up to fill the role of field coordinator and ultimately General Manager. Now he uses his experiences and communication skills to oversee the daily operations of Eagle Surveying by working with clients and team members to ensure that their needs are met in a timely and accurate manner.

Matthew Raabe, Registered Professional Land Surveyor
Holder of a degree in digital information mapping from Texas A&M, Matthew has extensive surveying experience in residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. He’s been in the industry since 1993, joining Eagle in 2018.

Scott Ammons, Registered Professional Land Surveyor

Scott F. Ammons has more than 30 years of professional land surveying experience including retracing original land surveys, boundary analysis, topographic mapping, creation of subdivisions, infrastructure layout and utility corridor easements. Mr. Ammons began his career in 1991 and soon after enrolled in the College of Engineering at Southern Illinois University. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1996 and graduated Cum Laude.

Throughout the late 1990’s Mr. Ammons was heavily involved in major residential and commercial land development. Also during this time, he worked on many projects with AT&T establishing easement rights for fiber optic technology infrastructure and the erection of cellular towers across the State of Illinois.

In the early 2000’s Mr. Ammons launched SFA Land Surveying and successfully operated a land surveying business specializing in residential and commercial construction services. His efforts were concentrated in providing solid boundary and topography data to engineering firms and assisted multiple custom home builders with the documents necessary to facilitate the construction of hundreds of new homes across the Chicagoland area.

More recently Mr. Ammons has acquired well rounded civil design experience by preparing construction plans for several Walmart stores across the southeastern United States and an ICE Prison facility in Alvarado, Texas. While in Texas, Mr. Ammons has retraced multiple properties encompassing hundreds of acres, some of which were over one thousand acres. Many of these retracements involved the discovery of land title “gaps” and “overlaps” that were resolved successfully by providing new written land descriptions and coordinating with title companies and attorneys, to get together with the owners of interest and settle the erroneous land claims in a proper, professional manner, that will stand up to the test of time.

Given his sharp eye for detail, diligent effort for any given task and a thorough and well-rounded survey/design background, Mr. Ammons has the experience and professional spirit to bring your next project to fruition.

Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor #6550
Texas Licensed Engineer-In-Training #52014
Illinois Professional Land Surveyor #035-003458
Illinois Professional Engineer Intern #061-027169
Indiana Professional Land Surveyor #LS21800001
Oklahoma Professional Land Surveyor #2008

Caleb McCanlies, Surveyor in Training
Caleb has worked in land surveying since 2018, joined Eagle in 2021 and is currently focused on preparing for and taking the Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) examination soon, in order to secure his professional license.

Brad Eubanks, Platting Manager
Brad Eubanks has over 20 years of land surveying experience and has spent the last 10 years working alongside civil engineers on a wide array of land development projects. After passing the S.I.T. exam in 2021, he plans to take the R.P.L.S. exam in the fall of 2023.

Sam Barrow, Quality Control Manager
In surveying since 1992 and with Eagle since 2017, Sam’s three decades of surveying experience and knowledge include laying out multiple subdivisions, boundaries in excess of 2,000 acres, staked pipelines in excess of 30+ miles, and much more.

Greg Lacey, Field Coordinator
In surveying since 1995 and with Eagle since 2017, Greg is experienced with all field processes and operation of and data collecting instruments. He’s worked on major projects including multi-story office buildings, community parks, and Habitat For Humanity homes.

Mike Skelton, Construction Manager
Mike, with Eagle since 2016, is a 20-year industry veteran with significant experience in large scale construction projects including the LBJ Express Tollway Project, the DFW Amazon Distribution Center, and many subdivisions and commercial developments.

Todd Rutland, Senior Drafter Technician
Todd started his survey career in 2013 and joined the Eagle team in 2020. Todd provides expertise to our team in drafting plats, ALTA surveys, Category 1A surveys, topographic surveys, title surveys, form board surveys, slab elevation exhibits, and boundary surveys. In the past, Todd has worked on notable projects such as the Army Corps of Engineers sector gates in South Louisiana, 3D scanning and modeling of oil and gas related production facilities, and the Louisiana statewide acoustic imaging for bridge inspections project. He also has experience with rapid prototyping new and innovative equipment used in the conventional and hydrographic survey data collection processes.

Tyler Rank, Project Manager
He’s our Auto CAD expert and has worked with landowners, developers, lenders, investors, realtors, title companies, and municipalities providing surveys, easement and zoning exhibits, platting, and more. Tyler has been in the industry since 2013, joining us in 2019.

Chris Frazier, Senior Drafter Technician
Chris joined Eagle in 2016, has been in the business since 1999 and is a Level 1 Certified Survey Technician. A large-scale project expert, he’s worked with entities including the City of Denton, Pioneer Resources and the Texas Railroad Commission.

Alesha Rick, Administrator
Alesha joined the Eagle team in 2017 after a 20 year career in insurance. Her customer service experience and ability to adapt to wearing multiple hats has helped to keep the office running smoothly. She takes pride in her work and is dedicated to the continued success of our company.

Kelly Neal, Administrative Assistant
Kelly is a seasoned Administrative Assistant with over 20 years experience. She is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various clients. She is able to interact directly with potential and existing clients and maintains an outstanding customer service skillset. Kelly joined Eagle Surveying in November 2021 and is an asset not only to her employer, but the surrounding community in which she lives and works.